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Hansa Industrie Mixer GmbH & CO.KG factory is located in Germany and provides food production industries with a range of devices including mixers and pumps. OÜ Viljandi Ärikeskus is an official representative of Hansamixer in Baltic countries since 2006. Demonstration visits can be arranged to the companies to see Hansamixer products in operation.

A Swiss company EGLI AG provides devices for processing of butter, margarine, and other food products. One of the segments is units for reprocessing of deep frozen butter. EGLI AG is established in 1888 and has since then been continuously involved in engineering and development of new units and production lines. Extensive experience and modern technology ensure high quality products and services. ISO 9001 certificate provides additional quarantee to company's high quality and ultra modern work processes

GEA WTT BALTICS OÜ is mainly engaged in sales of heat exchangers for heating, hot utility water, cooling and chilling applications, steam, industrial processes, oil industry, food processing industry etc. GEA WTT Baltics OÜ is a subsidiary of German trust GEA Exoflex GmbH. GEA Ecoflex is one of world leaders in production of open and soldered pate heat exchangers.

TUCHENHAGEN GMBH pumps, valves, CIP heads

Limitech A/S was founded in 1993 by Mr. Anders Jellesen. Limitech AS is a manufacturing, sales, and engineering company that provides food processing industry with various machinery. Company maintains a long history of manufacturing of food processing devices. Limitech AS is specialized in diary, delicacy, and fruit processing that employ mixer and boiling kettle technologies. Most of its production is sold abroad and is directed in solving the clients’ needs.

CLAIR PRODUKTIONS U. VERTRIEBS GMBH – Machines and units for small scale producers. Separators, butter machines, presses, filters

ETSCHEID ANLAGEN GMBH – Milk cooling devices

STELZER Rührtechnik International GmbH – Mixers, tank agitators, etc.


ASTA-EISMANN GMBH – cheese and quark production units, etc.

WINKELHORST TRENNTECHNIK GmbH – Used machinery, separators, decanters, centrifuges, filters, agitators, dryers, etc.

HELMUT RINK GmbH – Milk and fruit processing units for small size producers. Butter machines, cheese vats, centrifuges, presses, etc.

DRINK CONSULT FINLAND OY – Units for small size beverage plants

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