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Business Plans

The entrepreneur can pick a business format following his or her needs and possibilities: joint-stock company, general partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, profit association, or private entrepreneur.

Preparation of business plan prior to starting one’s own business is very important, for it indicates the financial needs in relation to starting up the business, but allows to decide upon the order of following activities and strategy. If any third parties (investors, banks, various business support funds) are planned to involve in the start-up phase or for the extension of the venture, it is necessary to prove them the feasibility and sustainability of the project or planned business. There are many ways to build up the business plan. Different finance organization and owners may require different structure that can be influenced by factors like field of activity, stage of development (either a start-up or already operating venture), but also purpose why this business plan is made up. One of the ways how the business plan could be presented is by following the following points:

  1. General section of the business plan
  2. Business idea, mission and goals of the company
  3. Analysis of operating environment of the company
  4. Labor force plan
  5. Marketing plan
  6. Financial reports and fiscal planning
    Risks involved in implementation of the business plan
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