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Bookkeeping service

1. Bookkeeping calculation (we use dedicated bookkeeping software Merit Aktiva 2008 and Hansaraama) – preparation of company by-laws, work with base documents, transactions with accountable individuals, monthly reports of business expenditures, declarations and statements to Tax Authorities (social tax, income tax, value added tax, various declarations).

2. Payroll calculations (we use dedicated payroll calculation software Merit Palk) – calculation of salaries and vacation remunerations, pay sheets, payment orders, submission of documents to Health Insurance Fund, job contracts and contracts with employees, written orders and decisions of the board, personal cards, compilation of internal work regulations (obligatory if the number of workers exceeds 5).

3. Fixed assets calculations – posting fixed assets, calculation of amortization (per department or cost allocations, as required), writing off fixed assets

4. Reporting – Balance sheet and financial statements, reporting about project and objects, compilation of fiscal year reports, preparations for auditing, statistics reports, financial analysis, other reports required by the client.

5. Warehouse inventory – purchase and sales invoices, waybills, book inventory, reports

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